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Listen: Abel with Leonard episode


The 10-7-17 Broadcast

I felt compelled to post some comments about this broadcast. Much of this comes from the thoughtful points made by a caller, Francisco, during the show. I hope to hear from him again and others like him to offer their opinions during our broadcasts

We played several clips of right wing commentators. This is not to endorse them but we tend to point out the most outrageous commentary we can find in the current news cycle in hopes that it will make the point that this type of rhetoric is outrageous. There is more than enough to criticize on the left and on the right. This constant vilification of people with political views other than our own is tearing our society apart and paralyzing our government. Both Democrats and Republicans are falling into this polarization to the point where they don’t even want to talk to each other resulting in total gridlock which has now been going on for at least a decade. We need and have the right to expect leaders to rise above this partisanship but not if we elect people who are the personification of that partisanship. No one on either end of the spectrum will ever solve this regardless of what they say. Only true statesmen who approach things with common sense and willingness to listen to and understand the other side’s point of view can solve the problems. I pray the American people will figure this out and elect candidates that show those values rather than electing the loudest voice demonizing the other Americans that they don’t agree with.

I won’t address the clips you heard point by point they are not worthy of our attention but when one of the most popular of these demagogues points to our enemies news outlets as being more worthy of our attention than other American views I am forced to notice. I am sure that anyone advocating consumption of Nazi news sources during WW2 would have been banished from society but today advocacy of consuming ISIS news outlets commentary is very popular. By the way that outlet (AMAQ) is not and never was accessible without downloading an app from ISIL and I am sure they had some kind of qualification process to identify who they were letting in. Did Limbaugh have that app? I am incredulous!!!

These people have the right to say anything they want and we all have the right to listen to anything we want but both have a responsibility; on the part of the speakers to be factual and on the listeners to apply some intelligence and common sense to what we hear. One fact regarding all of these extreme views. The extreme right is far more popular than the extreme left.
Until we elect people who have reasonable centrist views and popularize true even handed factual reporting our society is at risk. Join Dialogep and our efforts to stop the poison. Let’s talk to each other.


The following resources provide a view outside of the Fox News blinders.

I find that this is fair in depth reporting. They do cover a lot of things ourside the violent and sensational stories.

Don’t let the name scare you this is a recognized world news source and often has the best information on the middle east perspective.

And of course the venerable but ever current BBC