Welcome to the Dialog Radio Network


An invitation to share your thoughts;

We offer 3 ways for you to get on the air.

1. We invite you to call in during our regular Saturday morning talk show by dialing


2. if we feel that what you have to say is of sufficient interest to our listeners we would like to have you as a guest on the show, click the send mail link Send Mail which will automatically open your default mail program. Include your contact information and we will contact you to discuss the show and schedule a date. With this option we may have other guests and you must expect your live on the air time to be flexible within the limits of our normal show broadcast. Schedule will depend on the subject of planned shows.

3. Send Mail Tell us what you would like to talk about and we will contact you to make arrangements to get you into the studio to record a 1hr. session which we will post on our podcast site. You can direct anyone you want to this website and they will be able to hear your podcast whenever they choose. We guarantee that your podcast will be available online for at least 90 days and you can also bring a usb drive and you will have a copy to keep. The charge for this service is $100.00. For an additional $10.00 we will provide the usb drive.

We offer this to give the entire community an opportunity to be heard and hope to hear from you soon.