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Dear Reader, For the past 5 years and the Dialog Internet Radio Network have provided you with an Independent local POV to make up for the lack of local Talk Radio in our community. We can not sustain the programing without your support. We cover National, Regional and Local News, Culture and Music. It is impossible to keep a set schedule for Live Broadcast with the Corona Virus situation changing constantly, so the callin availability is whenever we can. Watch Facebook for announcements of upcoming shows. We do produce a wide variety of Podcast Programming for you to enjoy. That is always available. Help us keep on the web by becoming a “Patron” of our efforts and making a direct contribution today.

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Covid has interrupted our normal live schedule. A loop containing music and any recent broadcast is online or listen to our podcast anytime

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When we do broadcast live you can be part of the dialog Call in (915)603-5176 our callers help to broaden the scope of the discussion. We want to hear from YOU.


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